Green Bits Event Collateral and Signage


    San Jose, CA


    Green Bits

This modest collection of signage and collateral accompanied Green Bits to their first event. Wanting to create a buzz of excitement with possible future clients we designed a mailer that was sent to potential attendees. In addition, the mailer would offer a sneak peak at what Green Bits was offering at the event.

Since the footprint for the booth was 10×10 feet a stand-alone retractable banner was used for high end messaging and the company‚Äôs key value propositions. To keep an overall approachable feel to the banner we incorporated an illustrated character meditating on top of a globe. The illustration functioned as a way to show that with the Green Bits POS system you could relax.

To drive traffic to their booth, Green Bits, had tabletop signs placed within partner booths. The Green Bits booth had a working POS system and anyone who tried it received a free lighter.