Cookie Party


    San Jose, CA



Each year my wife attends a cookie party right before the Christmas Holidays. Every attendee is charged with baking a delicious cookie recipe and then bringing them to the party for everyone to enjoy. My participation in past years has been relegated to either baking the cookies or acting as support for my wife.

This past year I took on a new role. I was asked to come up with a logo to help brand the cookie party. For the parties mark I decided not to focus on any one particular cookie. Instead I turned my eye towards a kooky yet whimsical type treatment for “Cookie” and set it up on an oldie but goodie background of a stylized plate.

Once the logo was finalized, I enlisted my good friend to screen it on to totes that would be handed out at the party. All in all, the logo was very successful and I am slotted to created a new logo for 2015.