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    Exponent Partners

2016 started off with a bang for Exponent Partners. Shortly after the New Year they revealed their new brand identity through the launch of their new website. The website transitioned from a static layout to a new responsive layout, simplified with bold color callouts and impactful photography.

With their successful launch, Exponent Partners began updating the rest of their marketing tools. The previous year I developed the look and feel for their Exponent Case Management Application on the AppExchange. I was fortunate enough to work again with them to update their Professional Services Consulting App with their new brand look and feel.

Imagery colored with dark blue and yellow often floods the background of a banner or a slide. The main challenge for each piece was to make sure the text was readable against each of these unique backgrounds. It became imperative to customize each image based on the layout of the text, not only to provide enough contrast for the text, but also to still have the image be recognizable.