The Late Harvest Chop Shop


    San Jose, CA



Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. This has always perplexed me though since I can’t bring myself to watch any horror movie.

Regardless each year as Halloween approaches I find myself walking through the “Spirit Store” in search of a costume. I am a pretty tall guy, which means almost nothing fits. This particular year I had had it with store bought costumes and created my own.

Working with my strengths as a designer, I came up with my gory side business “The Late Harvest Chop Shop.” I created a series of four ads that I proudly pinned to a lab coat that had been splatter with blood. The back of the lab coat was adorned with my company logo.

At the Halloween party I attended I put on my best salesman smile and touted how I had any body part you may need. And in the event it was not in stock, I could acquire said body part that night with a quick chop.